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What is a tune-up?

A tune up is a great way to help extend the life of your Litter-Robot. The cost for a Litter-Robot II Classic or Bubble tune up is $139 (includes return shipping). The cost for a Litter-Robot III Open Air tune up is $159 (includes return shipping).

Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection to find and replace worn or damaged components.   They will also replace the motor, wiring harness, circuit board, carbon filters and seal strips. 

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  1. Jeff Tope

    Would like to get a tune up on my litter robot II bubble. I assume I just need to return the base and not the globe. Can you send me a shipping container or should I just box it up the best I can? I can send the entire base as well as the power brick that has a partially chewed cord that needs to be replaced or do I need to send the power brick to get a replacement. Please let me know about the shipping container and where to send the base. 


    Jeff Tope