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Accessory Questions

What is a Cord Protected Power Supply?

Both the Standard Power Supply and Power Supply with cord protector sold on our accessories page will work with your Litter-Robot.   The Power Supply with cord protector has a covering to prevent damage that can be caused by those curious kitties that like to chew.  The Standard Power Supply is $14.99 while the cord protected Power Supply is $19.99.  We hope this helps you choose which power supply is right for your home!

What is a Fence and how does it work?

The Fence is an add-on accessory to promote full entry of your cat into the globe as well as keeping litter from being kicked out of the unit. In order to add on the Fence to your unit, you must first be sure you have the Lip Extender.   

What is a Ramp?

The Ramp is designed to ease the cats entrance into the unit.  The ramp slides up against the base of the unit underneath the Lip Extender to create more of a sloping entrance into the Litter-Robot.

What does the Carbon Filter do?

The Carbon Filter helps contain odors within the drawer of the unit.

How often should I change my Carbon Filters?

The replacement frequency of the Carbon Filters is personal preference.  We recommend these get replaced once or twice a year depending on the frequency of use.

What is a Seal Strip?

The Seal Strips are the gray, brush-like, self-adhesive strips that are placed on the Base Unit where the Globe sits. These help contain odor within the Waste Drawer of the unit.

How often do I change my Seal Strips on my Base Unit?

It is not necessary to change the Seal Strips unless they have become worn down or have began to peel off.

What is a Cabinet?

The Cabinet is designed to fit surrounding the Litter-Robot unit.  The Cabinet helps with saving space and blending the unit in better to the household.  The Cabinet comes in four different finishes and is open in the back to help with easier access to the unit.

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