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LR II | Motor Installation- Units After 11/2009


Motor Installation

Hello Litter-Robot User!

The motor can be purchased on our website, under Components.  If you think that the motor on your Litter-Robot needs to be replaced, we recommend sending your Litter-Robot in for repair.  If you choose to purchase the motor and install yourself, please follow these instructions.  These instructions apply to units that are manufactured anytime after November 6, 2009.  If the your Litter-Robot was manufactured prior to November 6, 2009 please click here for instructions.  If you are unsure when your Litter-Robot was manufactured, please contact customer service with the serial number located on the inside back wall of the base.  Motors can be returned within 30 days unopened.

See the full set of instructions below to learn how to replace the Motor in your Litter-Robot II.

Remember you may always give customer service a call at 1-877-250-7729 between the hours of 9AM and 5PM (EST), Monday through Friday. You can also e-mail us at

Removing the Motor

1.  Unplug your Litter-Robot and remove the Waste Drawer and Globe.


2.  Using a 5/16 socket, loosen the lower motor mount as shown below.

3.  Using a size T-20 torx bit, remove the seven screws around base.

4.  Free blue and black wires from clips inside base as shown below.


5.  Lift top of base up and flip upside down, setting gently on top of lower half of base.

6.  Use socket to loosen remaining motor mounts.  

Please note:  You may have to manually rotate black drive gear to access lower motor mount as shown below.

7.  Locate and remove safety line cover by gently lifting up on one side.


8.  Use needle nosed pliers to carefully separate red and green wire as well as white and brown wire.

9.  Gently free white and red wires from the base hook. 

10.  Remove motor.


Replacing the Motor

1.  Position new motor into base as shown.  While keeping motor in position, carefully tighten motor mount into place making sure the nut and washer are together while being careful not to over tighten causing damage to the plastic housing.


2.  Push red and white wire back under plastic hook in base.  Press red with green wire and white with brown wire snugly together and place back into safety line cavity, clicking the cover back into place.

(Note: If your motor does not match these specs, please e-mail us at,or call customer service at 1-877-250-7729, M-F 9-5, for further instructions. Include a description and serial number for your base.)


3.  Make sure white and red wire are not hanging down out of base.

4.  Next, align top half of base back in place while assuring the motor mount is in place and nut and washer are together.

5.  Snap wires back into clips and tighten lower motor mount without over tightening.

6.  Finally, fasten all seven screws to secure base back together.



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