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LR III | Remove & Replace the Globe Liner

 Replacing the Liner in Your Litter-Robot Open Air

Below we will show you how to remove and replace the liner located inside the Globe of your Litter-Robot.  You can purchase a replacement Liner on our website, under Accessories.

Remember, if you are having any trouble at all, you may always give customer service a call at 1-877-250-7729 between the hours of 9AM and 5PM (EST), Monday through Friday. You can also e-mail us at

See the full set of instructions below. 

Removing the Liner

1.  Use the end of a paper clip or something simliar to pop out front two screw covers.

2.  Next, use a phillips screw driver to remove all 8 screws located around the Globe.

3.  Once all screws are removed, lift up and remove top half of the Globe.

4.  Unsnap the lip by pushing back towards the inside of the Globe.

5.  Unhook left and right entry hooks around the oval entrance.

6.  Pull out tracking around the globe while removing liner.

7.  Once liner is completely removed, flip liner upside down to locate and remove the weight.

Replacing the Liner

1.  Pop weight into place on the underside of the Liner.

2.  Snap in the center of the lip around the entrance of the globe.

3.  Hook the liner around the left and right entry hooks while pushing down and pulling the liner slack back towards the inside of the globe.

4.  Fit outer lip around entry

5.  Start placing liner in track working your way from front to back of the globe.

6.  Once liner is in track, press firmly all the way around to assure liner is properly seated.

7.  Apply adhesive seal around inside left side of globe so that it is overlapping both the plastic from the top portion of the globe as well as the liner.

8.  Place upper half of the globe back in place while assuring the key falls into place to properly seal liner in inside back wall of the globe.

9.  Start with inserting front screw located on the left side of the oval entrance, moving then to the right front screw.

10.  Once both front screws are in place, move to the furthest back screws around the Key located in the back of the globe.  Make sure while screwing in rear screws that the liner is seated under the top of the globe in the inside back wall.

11.  Finally screw in four remaining screws located around the globe.

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