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LR II | Cat Sensor Adjustment


Litter-Robot Cat Sensor Adjustment


(Do not attempt to adjust an Open Air (LR3) Cat Sensor)

Hello Litter-Robot User!

The purpose of the Cat Sensor is to recognize when your cat enters and exits the Litter-Robot. It is designed for cats weighing 5lbs or greater. After it detects the cat has left the Litter-Robot the Globe will begin to rotate and start a clean cycle after 7 minutes have passed. If for some reason the unit is not cycling properly, or the red light is blinking, it could be that you simply need to adjust the Cat Sensor.

Remember you may always give customer service a call at 1-877-250-7729 between the hours of 9AM and 5PM (EST), Monday through Friday. You can also e-mail us at

See the full set of instructions below or follow this link to watch a video explanation:

These instructions are also located in the owner's manual (Page 22-24)


 1. Turn the unit OFF using the switch located on the backside of the Base Unit.



2. Remove the Waste Drawer and Globe from the Base Unit.



3. Turn Base Unit upside down so that the bottom surface is facing upward. 


4. Locate the Rotatable Foot toward the front of the Base Unit.


5. Cat Sensor Adjustment – Please see options below:


Make Cat Sensor MORE sensitive: 

Turn the Rotatable Foot two (2) complete turns in a COUNTER CLOCKWISE direction.

Make Cat Sensor LESS sensitive:

Turn the Rotatable Foot two (2) complete turns in a CLOCKWISE direction.

6. Turn Base Unit right side up and reinstall Waste Drawer and Globe you removed from step 2.


7. Turn Base Unit ON and let it complete the start up cycle.  This will take approximately 3 minutes.  You should now have a Green light indicating home position and Litter-Robot is ready for use.

8. Push down on the Step to simulate your cat entering the Litter-Robot. If the unit is working properly you should get a RED light indicator. You can now push any button to reset the unit back to Green.


Additional Notes:

The unit should be on a level surface and the level of litter in the globe should be at the fill line. We assume that the unit cycles properly if you press the cycle button. If the Litter-Robot is on carpet, the cat sensor will need to be adjusted so that it is more sensitive.

If you want to have the Cat Sensor set back to factory settings, below is an image of how the sensor assembly should appear at factory setting.







cat sensor adjustment.pdf

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